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                        - Propogation of ornamental crops by cutting and tissue culture -


Boereboom Invitro cultures is a company that is specialized in the propagation of ornamental crops by tissue culture. Tissue culture is the propagation of crops in a laboratory with sterile conditions. With the use of tissue culture, ornamental plants can be propagated quickly and without diseases.

Boereboom Invitro cultures focuses on the propagation of perennials and woody plants that can not or hardly be propagated with the use of in vivo. Every year we introduce new ornamental plants, perennials and shrubs.

It is possible to propagate ornamental plants on contract, whereas product protection is naturally and exclusivity is negotiable. You may also contact us for smaller quantities and the production of clean mother plants. Our current assortment consists of;

Cercis siliquastrum, Clematis cultivars, Daphne mezereum, Lycium Barbarum - Goji Berry - , Nandina domestica 'Sunset Boulevard', Nandina domestica 'Summer Sunset' ,Paulownia elongata, Paulownia tomentosa.

Our Invitro cultures team makes use of a well-equipped, small-scaleable laboratory in the Netherlands. Experienced laboratory technicians develop new protocols and set up our basis for production. The production process itself takes place in our laboratory Boereboom Invitro Portugal, located in Lisbon. The production of stage 3 plants take place with the supervision of highly trained professionals. By having the entire protocol development and production in-house, we guarantee quality and reliability.

The cultivation of the tissue culture plants take place in specially equipped tunnels, equipped with lighting, heating and misting installations, located in Eindhoven.

Quality is important to our company. We would like to build a relationship with you to build a future together.

We are pleased to invite you to discuss the possibilities with Boereboom Invitro cultures. You may contact us by e-mail and telephone.


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